A New Old Florida Style Home

We are losing a bit of the true craftsmanship of the older style homes: homes where the occupation of a master carpenter meant something, back in the time when there was an apprentice carpenter learning from a master.

A time when construction consisted of mostly lumber. A slower time when apprentice and master carpenters work together to build a quality framing masterpiece. Today’s Florida style homes with concrete slabs, block walls, and prefab trusses have a lot of good qualities, but a totally handed frame house is a masterpiece.

When you watch this video on how to design and build with hand framing lumber there is an appreciation to see what went into the design, the craftsmanship of all the individual framing members coming together, and you almost wish that it wasn’t covered up by drywall so that everyone could see the workmanship.

It was a real gift to have a true master carpenter that built this home, for a homeowner wanting this style, and for Blueprints By Design to design this special home.

With today’s rough framing carpenters just using prefab trusses we are probably losing our master carpenters. I hope you enjoy this home as much as I do.

So, enjoy the video and this special new old home!