Home Addition DeLand

  • Home additions are the most affordable way to customize your existing home.
  • Additions allow you to take your existing house plan and customize it for your current needs.
  • Additions add value to your home.
  • Whether as master suite, extra bedroom, extra bathroom, in law suite, covered rear porch, a rear deck, attached or detached garage, or front covered entry.
  • Additions allow you to customize your existing home without having to pay for a new home.
  • All we need is a survey showing your house on your property, some pictures of your existing home, and the discussion of what you want.
  • If you want to be owner-builder and build the addition yourself, as a retired residential contractor and as a courtesy we can tell you how.
  • If you want to use a builder, our construction drawings are very detailed. They have to satisfy Florida Building Code and Building Departments.
  • Builders can give you apples for apples prices using our construction drawings. We can tell you how.